RDS Encoder – Version 2.012 – b021 – 01.09.2016
This is used with our 2010 and after the rds encoder products.
It is possible to read the firmware version of all our rds encoders. – 3.2 Mb Setup file – 1 Mb Application file 

RDS Encoder – Version 2.009n – 28.12.2009
This is used with our 2009 and before the rds encoder products. – 3.0 Mb Setup file – 1 Mb Application file 

RDS Automation Entegration 1.006b – 08.01.2009
It is used on broadcast studio to send online text messages to screen of receivers for dynamic PS.
The messages may contain song names, traffic messages etc.
All our RDS Encoder Setup files included this software. – 800 Kb Application 

RDS Weekly Timer – 1.01 – 04.12.2013
It is used to send weekly program name data to receivers as dynamic PS. – 850 Kb Application file

Windows XP, Vista, Server, 7/8/10 supports