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Program Service – PS

Program Service name is used for sending the name of the broadcasting radio station to the listeners.

PS can only be an 8 letter text. English letters, digits and some special characters supported by the system can be used in that 8 letter text. Lower case letters can be used, but the receivers that cannot support lower case letters will display the text in upper case.

The change of 8 letter text of the Program Service name technically possible in defenite periods of time.

The same text can be broadcasted letter by letter sliding in 1 second time interval in order to display sliding text effect.



The sliding effect is banned by international RDS union because such text in the vehicles’ receivers attract attention of the drivers leading to the car accidents. Manufacturers produce encoders with the support of more than one Program Service Name in time interval feature in case of emergency. The sliding effect is banned in most of the developed countries, and it is highly recommended to the radio stations to use a single word Program Service Name.