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RDS Features

System is the digital data transfer via radio frequency.

Digital data is inserted on analogue radio frequency by RDS Encoder.

RDS digital data is modulated, and in 57kHz bandwidth, over broadcasted radio signals by transmitter.

Digital data’s transfer speed is on 1187.5 bits/s level and is transfered continiuously, uninterrupted.

Advantages of RDS Broadcasting:

  • Radio stations can send digital data to the receivers.
  • Receivers with RDS support always give priority to the radio stations frequencies with RDS info.
  • Visual/textual commercials can be broadcasted to radio receivers.
  • If the radio station has more than one transmitter, it can take advantage of the Alternative Frequency feature whith enables mobile receivers to choose the strongest signal of the same radio station.
  • Special digital data can be transmitted by radio broadcasting.